BettaKultcha at Leeds Town Hall……WOW!!!!!

Richard and Ivor pull off a Blinder

For something a little different, we went along to shoot the latest BettaKultcha event last Wednesday at the impressive Leeds Town Hall.  Plus it gave us the chance to try out a few new pieces of kit and have a thoroughly enjoyable evening to boot!

It’s only 3 years since Richard (my bestest buddy) and Ivor started BettaKultcha in a back room at Temple Works in Leeds with around 30 people enjoying their new cultural idea – where the brave have 5 minutes and 20 slides each lasting just 15 seconds to speak to the audience about whatever they find interesting, important or just plain funny.

Well, it’s really come of age now, they’ve gone and pulled off a right coup and grabbed the attention of the important people of Leeds and managed to grab a slot at Leeds Town Hall! Well, I say “grab a slot”, they were invited by the Town Hall themselves! What a long way these guys have come in such a short space of time.

So from the humble beginnings at Temple Works, BettaKultcha has grown into a much awaited monthly event attended on Wednesday by a massive 370 people! But these guys are not just looking at the big time and regularly hold intimate little reunions at secret venues for the tweeting masses to keep to their roots.

The format of the evening is identical to the way it started, with just the one rule “You never talk about Fight Club” oh no, wait that was something else! “No Sales Pitches” and they mean it, they don’t want the evening turning into something it was never supposed to be and they’ve stuck to their guns on this. Their aim – to bring people together, to have fun, find out fascinating things about anything and enjoy the camaraderie of being with like minded people who enjoy a bit of culture on a week night.

So if you fancy doing something a little different on a week night get yourself down to the next event which takes place at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds on March 11th, a venue which they attend on a regular basis and one that feels a bit like home to these guys now (and all this for the early bird price of a fiver!)

It was an awesome night, we really enjoyed ourselves, and its wonderful to have seen my best friend come so far in such a short space a time, keep it up guys.


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