Hi, okay so I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to equipment, I love getting new kit and having a good play with it, but you can rest assured I won’t be learning “on the job”!

We use only professional quality Nikon cameras and lenses, and always have back ups to ensure that should the worst happen and a camera stops working or god forbid we drop one! We always have other equipment to ensure we never miss anything, this piece of mind is probably a little bit of OCD on our part, but hopefully will give you the confidence that you can trust us to ensure we capture every moment and detail of your big day.

As we work in a very unobtrusive way, flash is not something that we use very often, preferring to rely upon fast lenses and natural light, and utilising reflectors where necessary to add a little light when required. The cameras we use allow for very low light photography, and when combined with “fast” lenses with large apertures, this allows us to capture the natural ambiance of your wedding without intruding too much with flashes going off every few minutes.

This allows us to blend into the crowd much better, and therefore capture you and your guests in a much more informal way which results in much more relaxed images.


If you love our images please do share them, after all thats what photographs are for :)
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