The Wonderful People at Specsaver’s Pudsey

My snazzy new glassesLittle did I know when I agreed to go and see Carter with my bestest mate in the whole world Richard of Global Lingo fame (if you want translation services they’re the guy’s, for you) that the weekend would turn into one from Hell! (well not quite but certainly a little bit of a drama:))

Trying to relive our youth at the Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine gig on Friday evening at the O2 in Leeds, and as well as a 39 year old man can enter a “Mosh Pit”, whilst enjoying the euphoric feeling of waiting 20 whole years to see them again, I had my glasses knocked off.

Now as anyone who wears glasses will know, they are like your right arm, panic set in, I’m practically blind (well not quite, but it help’s add drama to a fairly mundane occurrence!) so in my haste to to find them on the litter strewn floor, I scrambled down to attempt to retrieve them, whilst everyone around me continued to mosh. The lovely Carter fans around me, obviously saw this and thought I had stumbled and fallen, and eagerly rushed to pull me from the floor in an attempt to stop me being crushed to death, well trampled a little bit!

My snazzy new glassesVery nice of them, but not really helping to save what we’re obviously by now, a load of beautifully intricate pieces of glass and plastic!

Anyhow, they we’re gone, I was blind, and the light show without them was surely even better than with them on. The gig continued and my search although futile (thank you Rich for your vain attempt to recover them) resumed once the area had been vacated of very sweaty, exhausted, but totally happy and satiated 40 year old Carter fans.

My snazzy new glassesIndeed at one point two young guys came up to us with rather glazed eyes, silly grins and an unusual aura of happiness surrounding them, asking if we were looking for drugs on the floor, I responded to the negative, with a pointless explanation of what we were actually doing, and left them to continue in a similar hand’s and knee’s search for said lost pills!

Saturday arrived and a few frantic phone calls to Specsaver’s, and a few other opticians, all within walking distance obviously, and an appointment was booked for 5.20pm, or so I thought.

I spent the day searching the house, in all the likely places for old glasses, rubbish drawer in the kitchen, cupboards dotted around the house, under the stairs! All to no avail, well not exactly, I did find three pairs of Mary’s old glasses, which are currently adorning my face.

Now anyone who wears glasses will be aware that prescriptions differ, and mine and Mary’s are poles apart, but at least they have aided me to cross a road without being hit, hoping to god I do not come up against a Hybrid car as the only thing I can rely on at the moment is my bizarrely acute sense of hearing!

My snazzy new glassesI arrived at at 5pm precisely, with a view to choosing my sparkling new glasses before having my eye test, and thereby not holding up the lovely people from enjoying their Saturday evening’s, safe in the knowledge that by Tuesday I would be able to see again. In my haste and happiness to get the booking, I had written down 5.20pm for the appointment, I was actually booked in for twenty to five. Excellent!!

To cut a very long story short, the guy’s agreed to stay on, carry out my eye test, let me choose my new glasses and keep all of their ordering system live to enable the lenses to be ordered Saturday evening, hopefully for delivery on Monday. Finger’s crossed.

…..sure enough, my brand new glasses arrived today, so I can finally see again:)

They have done a wonderful job, 5 awesome people who listened to my sob story, and had a genuine desire to help me out to the best of their ability, now that’s what I call customer service, thank you so much guys.

My snazzy new glasses

Needless to say, that was the most expensive GIG (s) I have ever been to in my life, but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!



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